What we Offer

What we Offer 

Innovation Strategy

We'll help you define, develop, and manage your entire innovation program. If you haven’t got the time or resources to manage the end-to-end innovation program or just want additional expert resources to work alongside your team, you can rest easy knowing that SkipsoLabs can take care of every step in the process.

Planning Phase
  Organizational changes required to implement open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives
  Managing legal and IP issues
  Asking the right questions to participants
  Creating the right incentives to motivate the crowd
Set-up Phase
  Recruiting the target participants
  Setting up the perfect online space
Execution Phase
  Monitor and manage the community for great results
  Understanding participants contributions
Evaluation and Dissemination Phase
  Evaluation of results
  Rewarding participants
  Communicating results internally and externally


Market Outreach

Effective innovation programs, competitions, and crowdsourcing initiatives require tapping into specific external communities of experts, professionals, or target user groups. However, identifying, targeting, and engaging these communities can be extremely time-consuming. That's why SkipsoLabs has developed a methodology to recruit and moderate an expert community. That way, you can harness the power of the crowd to the fullest. We provide everything you need -- from mapping the target contact people and organizations, to building a complete database of contacts, all the way to the participants' acquisition and community creation / moderation.