Launch your Challenge

Launch your Challenge

Open Innovation challenges are an extremely effective way to help you in the following areas:

SkipsoLabs offers the following 2 options to help you find innovative solutions, products and services by tapping into an external network of product designers, manufacturers and innovators.


 Option 1: Launch your Challenge on Make Tech Open

Make Tech Open is our dedicated vertical innovation community focused entirely on manufacturing and product design. In this first option we allow you to launch your own open innovation and technology scouting challenge / request for proposal (RFP) on this platform. This will allow you to tap into our existing community of product designers, manufacturing startups, companies, universities and research centres.

Our team of experts will help you set-up your personalised innovation program and will provide you with a secure access to a custom back-end system where you will be able to manage the end-to-end challenge process: challenge set-up and design, participants registration and proposals submission management, communication with participants at different stages of the process, evaluation and ranking of proposals also inviting external experts to help you in the evaluation and selection of winners.

The image below refers to the Electrolux innovation challenges that are currently hosted on this platform.


Option 2: Whitelabel Open Innovation Platform

If your aim is instead to launch your open innovation and technology scouting challenges on a dedicated, customised, white label platform, we have the solution for you. SkipsoLabs offers a turn-key Software as a Service solution to help you launch and manage your innovation program on a custom website. We offer a scalable, flexible, managed and fully-customised platform built to your specifications. Our solution includes:

1. Custom website to launch challenges and manage community / submissions process (website can be standalone or integrated in your existing website).

2. Secure back-end platform to allow you to centrally manage website, expert community, challenge process and judging / evaluation process.

3. A separate application to invite selected experts to evaluate challenge submissions.

4. A project management tool to allow your team to share tasks and documents in a central repository.

The image below refers to the customised Nordic Innovation Accelerator platform  innovation challenges that are currently hosted on this platform.